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About Us

ISO 9712 certification training in India


ANSA TRAINING & QUALITY ASSURACE PRIVATE LTD (ANSATQAPL) is established in October 2017 in Chennai mainly to cater for ISO 9712 NDT CERTIFICATION TRAINING with utmost quality and integrity. Certification is a process of providing written evidence that an individual is qualified to do certain work. The qualifications of an individual are based on education, level of training and work experience. In the field of NDT, certification is very important because NDT personnel are often making critical judgments that can have safety and/or significant financial consequences. ANSATQAPL presently operates as ATO (Authorized Training Organization) & AEC (Authorized Examination Centre) of ANSA WENS Quality Assurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd. ANSA Wens Quality Assurance (S) Pte Ltd is an Authorized qualifying body of Certification Body NDTSS, Singapore & RTC Testing & Diagnostics, Russia accredited to ISO/IEC 17024:2012 for Personnel Certification. ANSA WENS Singapore is Certified to ISO 9001:2015. The Certification body is part of ICNDT (International Committee of Non Destructive Testing) MRA Schedule 2. Hence the certificate is accepted globally.

About Us

Our primary pioneer founder Mr.G. Babu set up the NDT company since 1983 as a small scale industrial testing laboratory in Chennai, India. In 2004 it is renamed as WENS QUALITY ASSURANCE PRIVATE LIMITED and continue its service and successfully completed various projects to the satisfaction of the clients. Following Mr.G. Babu’s humble foot step, his successor continues to grow and expand services in overseas countries and developed ANSA HOLDINGS PTE LTD & its group of associated companies. ANSA Holdings Pte Ltd and its group companies provides value added services to suit the customers’ requirement. ANSA WENS Quality Assurance (S) Pte Ltd’s management commit to provide good & customer satisfactory services in our industries, Our Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and we provide personnel certification meeting ISO 9712:2012 standard. ANSA Holdings and members in our group provide Non-Destructive Testing consultancy, training and certification services to various clients. Our Group serve various industries such as construction, power, marine, Oil & Gas offshore, nuclear, Aerospace, Petroleum and Chemical projects. Our Laboratory in Singapore & Hongkong are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 Our Inspection body in Hongkong is accredited to ISO/IEC 17020


Our vision is to expand our locations worldwide by being the premier Quality Assurance & Quality Control provider by delivering NDT, material testing, and related services with high industrial standards, professional services focusing on customer satisfaction.

We want to distinguish ourselves as a leader in redefining excellence in Training, Certification, Consulting, trading and other customized services that enhances customers delight.



ANSA WENS AQB & its Examination Centre are committed to provide its services with highest Integrity.

The Head AQB possess authority to manage the impartiality within his organization. The policies and procedures of the AQB and its administration are related to the criteria in which certification is sought, and they are fair and equitable among all candidates, and our procedures comply with all applicable local regulations and statutory requirements. The AQB selects the examiner for the candidate being impartial chose examiners doesn't have conflict of interest with the candidate. If any conflict has been identified, the chief examiner has the authority to change the examiner.

All candidates are given equal importance for answering any queries related to examination. All such queries shall be made prior to the start of the examination. All materials provided for examination such as question banks, test specimens are not being used for training. The examiner is chosen to be independent of training. If any candidates falsify any records of education, training or experience the AQB will void all examinations taken by the examinee and all such records would be revoked.

All Candidates for examination shall follow the examination rules presented by the invigilator or examiner. Candidates proven cheating the examination would be banned from taking any examinations for a period of not less than 2 years and all such results would be revoked.