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Why qualification is so important in NDT?

To assure that the product has been tested in a reliable and consistent manner, results evaluated to assure the characteristics of the product for the purpose of its use.

What does formal qualification assure?

A. Knowledge
  • Knowledge of product and its characteristics
  • Knowledge of methods, techniques, limitations
  • Knowledge of the product specifications
  • Testing standards.
B. Consistency
  • Selection of a technique or procedure
  • Implementation of a process/procedure correctly
  • Interpretation and evaluation of results/ Repeatability of results.
C. Competency
  • Ability to apply knowledge
  • Ability of assessment and decision making with higher degree of confidence
  • Ability to identify potential problem and take corrective steps
  • Ability to report

Route to qualification

Qualification and certification can be achieved through a structured programme Education, Experience, Training, Imparting knowledge, Examination, Comprehension of knowledge.

Recognition of Certification

To be recognized globally, kindly ensure that the certification body is internationally renowned and part of ICNDT and EFNDT MRA schedule.